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Research Interests

  • Synthesis spectroscopic and magnetic characterizations of paramagnetic clusters.
  • Metallacrown complexes using ketooxime ligands.
  • Catecholase activity of aqua bridged dicopper complexes.
  • Non-hydrothermal route of synthesis of MOFs.
Research Summery

Over the past few year we are actively engaged in experimental research on

i) Synthetic Coordination Chemistry, ii) Metal complex aggregates, iii) Development of Magnetic Molecules, iv) Structural Metal–Ligand Chemistry and v) Metallacyclophanes and Metallaccrowns. In the area of transition metal helicates, our recent contributions directed towards self-assembly in ligated transition metal ion and double stranded helicate formation.

(a) The 1D anionic chains in a spacefill model (b) View of the [CuII4] units in a face-to-face orientation in spacefill representation within [Cu(NCS)2]n chains.


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